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Am 3. Juni 2015 - 13:14 Uhr von Tom Hirche

On 16th June 2015, the European Parliament's legal affairs committee will vote on the report on the review of EU copyright rules. The report's author, MEP Julia Reda, calls on everybody to support her (good) work.

Reda - with the help of - has launched the campaign website which is also available in German, French and Swedish. The website lists several so called "copywrongs" (e.g. geoblocking or the ancillary copyright for press publishers). Reda's report suggests various amendments to the current European copyright law that would fix those copywrongs. Many MEPs are still indecisive. The have heard what the lobbyists had to say. Now it is high time to let them know what the European people think! Call your MEP! The website will give you every information you need like names and numbers plus the call is free of charge. Sacrifice two minutes for a better copyright.

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