Surprising turn in Austria!

Am 16. Juni 2015 - 0:41 Uhr von Tom Hirche
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Austria will not get an ancillary copyright for press publishers! At least not for now. But it is only postponed, as the Ministry of Justice confirmed.

To everybody's surprise, the ancillary copyright is no piece of the draft amendment to the Austrian copyright law anymore. The Austrian government extracted this particular part and will revise it based on the various statements that had been handed in. After that, it will be transmitted to the EU commission to seek further approval. This process is expected to take several months.

Only just last week, Markus Kienberger, Country Manager of Google Austria, declared that the company will adjust the search results in case the ancillary copyright would come. In last consequence, the search results could be removed completely. With that said, Google Austria faces the same fate as Google Spain which was shut down after the Spanish government passed a tax on links. 

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