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Am 7. April 2016 - 1:29 Uhr von Tom Hirche
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After countless hours of work, the new brochure "The Ancillary Copyright for Press Publishers – Background and Essential Questions" by founder of IGEL Dr. Till Kreutzer is now available. For the moment, it is only in German, but an English version will follow soon. On 32 pages it answers all important questions regarding an ancillary copyright for press publishers.

Much has happened within the last years. Since 2009 an ancillary copyright is lobbied for on a political level and being discussed on all levels. The German legislator complied with the calls of some big German publishers in 2013 – against the warnings issued by numerous experts. And now the same disaster looms on a European level. The brochure portrays this catastrophic development while it reveals the publishers' true intentions.

In its second half, the paper elucidates the ancillary copyright by posing and answering 17 essential questions starting with "What is an ancillary copyright for press publishers?" over "Why do press publishers demand an ancillary copyright?" and "Do press publishers need an ancillary copyright for a more efficient prosecution of rights?" to "What speaks against this ancillary copyright from the internet user's perspective?" and "Do journalists profit from the ancillary copyright?".

This brochure is written for everybody who wants to thoroughly acquaint himself/herself with the ancillary copyright for press publishers. We also send out printed versions upon request. We are looking forward to a broad spreading as this is the only way to dispel the myths that are around.

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