German internet industry against remake on a European level

Am 25. Juli 2016 - 19:59 Uhr von Tom Hirche
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Eco, the German Association of Internet Industry, looks back on three disastrous years with an ancillary copyright for press publishers: Not only do they strongly reject this particular ancillary copyright, but also do they urgently warn against a European attempt.

Regarding the German ancillary copyright, Oliver Süme, eco Director policy & law, states retrospectively :

It is becoming increasingly clear that the introduction of ancillary copyright in Germany isn’t benefitting anyone. [...] The thing that all of the experts warned about years ago has actually happened: Ancillary copyright isn’t workable in practice and has only led to losers. [...] Even if the existing ancillary copyright has not yet caused major damage – the danger it poses is immense.

Currently, the EU is working on a copyright reform. EU-Commissioner Günther Oettinger has made it clear several times that he endorses the idea of a European ancillary copyright. In its last public consultation, the Commission has explicitly asked for the participants' opinion on a broad ancillary copyright for all publishers (not only press publishers). Until now, no final decision was made (public). But Oliver Süme already warns:

[The German law] cannot be used as a blueprint for an unnecessary European version. [...] A new, even more extensive ancillary copyright on the European level could become a handbrake for the information society as a whole and continuing digitalization: Massive legal uncertainty looms for all involved.

A recent survey by eco/YouGov has found that 87% of all Germans want to further on use the Internet as a source for information and to exchange such. Half of the respondents said they would use search engines to gather information about current affairs. Given those numbers, Süme criticises the Commission's plans:

With new extended ancillary copyright on the EU level, the informational freedom of users would be significantly curtailed.

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