Our new brochure is finally here!

Am 6. Oktober 2016 - 4:59 Uhr von Tom Hirche

After countless hours of work our new brochure "Ancillary Copyright for press publishers – Background and key issues" has arrived! It is easy to read and answers all relevant questions regarding an Ancillary Copyright for press publishers (AC). You can download it here for free.

Much has happened in the past years. The first part of the paper reconstructs the development from the first discussions in Germany back in 2009 over the implementation in Germany and Spain with its consequences to Günther Oettinger's current plans to introduce an AC at European level.

The second part consists of 17 questions one could ask when dealing with the AC. It starts with "What is an ancillary copyright?" goes over to "Why do press publishers want an AC?" and "Do press publishers require AC to pursue legal claims more effectively?" as well as "What are the arguments against AC from the perspective of Internet users?" and "Do journalists benefit from AC?".

The corresponding texts are designed to give a short but precise and comprehensive answer. The goal is not only to explain the different aspects of an AC but to debunk all the myths and lies that are told over and over again. Feel free to give the brochure to your family, friends or even better to your local, national and European representatives.

We would like to thank Meghan Sali, Ruth Coustick-Deal, Marianela Ramos Capelo (all from Open Media/Save the Link) and Sylvia Jakob for their great help in creating and translating the texts.

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