Stop the censorship machine!

Am 13. März 2017 - 18:38 Uhr von Tom Hirche

Besides the introduction of an ancillary copyright for press publishers a.k.a. the link tax, the European Commission also wants internet platforms to apply automated upload filtering technologies to all of their user's content. Together with 27 other civil society organisations, we have signed an open letter addressed to the European Institutions and urge them to delete this proposal.

If the upload filtering system detects material that it assumes to be infringing on other's copyrights, it will block the upload. But it is not able to understand exceptions to copyright like parody or quotation. For this reason, an automated upload filtering technology will do great harm to free speech and thus to democracy. Copyright owners will be given an immense power that can easily be abused to censor certain content. Once again the Commission has only listened to the rightholders and has ignored other voices completely. It is high time to stop the introduction of this censorship machine!

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