Take a minute to #SaveYourInternet

Am 12. Juni 2018 - 17:23 Uhr von Tom Hirche

In eight days, the Legal Affairs Committee will finally vote on its compromise amendment for the upcoming copyright directive. This will be followed by the whole plenum of the European Parliament voting on a common position. Your and everybody else's internet freedom is at stake. Act now, get in touch with your MEP and #SaveYourInternet.

You can do this easily and in no time by using this email tool. Article 13 of the Commission's proposal will impose a censorship mechanism when adopted by forcing internet companies to install content filters. The EU Member States have already decided to embrace the harmful proposals of the Commission. Our only hope is to convince the MEPs to vote in the interest of us, the users, who want to live in a Europe where information can freely travel and where innovation is not blocked by backward-looking regulations.

For more information, go to saveyourinternet.eu

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