Open letter to EU Commission

Am 8. April 2016 - 14:26 Uhr von Tom Hirche

As a partner of a great coalition we have signed an open letter to members of the European Commission responsible for the digital single market. We demand "an ambitious reform that is fit for purpose in the digital environment and that upholds and strengthens fundamental principles such as the limitation of intermediaries’ liability, rights of citizens to freedom of communication and access to knowledge."

The signatory organisations "underline that current EU legislation fails to deliver a framework that incentivises creativity, research and innovation in Europe." Due to the legal fragmentation of 28 different national copyright regimes, consumers, companies and organisations face many obstacles when they try to access and use creative content across borders.

"Our laws should allow companies to do business across the EU, give individuals the possibility to access and use cultural goods, enable researchers to collaborate across borders using the latest technologies and help creators make a living from their work and contribute to Europe’s rich cultural heritage."

That is why we need and welcome a reform of current EU copyright legislation. The goal should be to "create a legal environment where creators, consumers and businesses alike can flourish in the Single Market."

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